1. quinderno1 says

    02/10/2020 pandemia e eu ouvindo essa raridade.. Onde felizmente conheci minha esposa a 32 anos atrás… Sport vila Santa Catarina, Roller (Praça da Árvore) , Clube da Cidade, Palmeiras, Néon, Homes, etc…. Bons tempos que não voltam mais…

  2. ast3risko * says

    Esse som é LOKO! VSF!!!!

  3. Roberto Campos says

    Em 2020 curtindo esse clássico

  4. gleicy vitória says

    Essa musica e a melhor que tem

  5. Jake Wolf says

    this is way ahead of its time dude

  6. jessica love fps says

    Y Love you music

  7. PlzBeGentle says

    sees the green lexus with the gold rims

  8. Vivien Williams says

    This song is just one gigantic orgasm. Ohhhhhh! I so love it. So love it. For ever and ever.

  9. Mel Discotecario says

    É muito Som Zapp&Roger

  10. Obryan Graham says

    It's like 3 other versions of this song

  11. Jessica Berry says

    Listening in 2020 because I heard u 2 love…by neyo… lol

  12. Silvana Cristina says

    Muito top roger genio musical

  13. mc Kauê RS says

    Só quem tá Escutando em 2020 da um slv

  14. Kevin Felipe says

    Amo esse som

  15. cida Pascual says

    Saudades,Club House,em Santo André! Demaisssssss!!!!!°

  16. Vinicius Oliveira says

    Isso é música

  17. Jet-set sam says

    I think this song might be THE perfect song ever made, like no matter how many times i hear it, i cant help but vibe to it.

  18. Jet-set sam says

    The theme of 1986

  19. Michelle Collins says

    Still gives me shivers

  20. Maria Aparecida Goncalves says

    Dancei muito

  21. Sonia Mara says

    Bons tempos 😍😍😍

  22. Rosangela De Freitas says

    Velhos tempos 😁😊😊😊🤜🤛🥰

  23. Carol Notperfectyet4given says

    May 2020 STILL fya 🔥 💯

  24. Li Souza says

    Nusssss tudo de bom!! Dançava a noite toda sem beber, sem drogas só de boa e feliz zzz da vidaaaa. Tempo Maraaa!!

  25. John Davis says

    This Guy's Song was Waayyy ahead of it's Time.. There's another Song by The Group Newcleus, Called..Push the Button. I used to dance to it, but I never knew what the words meant..Push the Button means turn off the Computer, because they are Taking Over Our Lives..They say that God Made at Us because We have given Ourselves to Computers..Go and Listen to the Song.!..They New about this Stuff thirty Five years ago..

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