Vietnam Travel Guide: Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Ho Chi Minh


Gorgeous beaches, fascinating and complicated history, incredible food, lush nature; Vietnam is a country that truly has it all. Whether this country is first or fiftieth on your list, our travel guide has all the information you need to know if you’re planning (or dreaming of planning!) a trip to Vietnam.

Leave your expectations behind if you’re heading to Vietnam: here, you’ll eat noodles for breakfast, do your shopping in the middle of the night, and discover a country with a new story around every corner.

Hanoi more than delivers on urban excitement. If you’re looking for unique and mouth-watering food, the night markets of the Vietnamese capital should be your very first stop. You can enjoy a zippy ride on a scooter, all the street-food you can eat, and a night exploring the rapid development of this modern city. From trendy clubs to traditional puppet shows, experience a nightlife that’s all Vietnam’s own, and eat and drink the night away with locals and visitors alike!

Of course, Vietnam isn’t all fast-paced cities and rooftop bars. For a slower pace, head to Ha Long Bay and sail alongside limestone islets, with their lush rainforests towering above your head. The water is emerald-green, matching the vibrant greenery, and a sailing excursion here is like nothing else you’ve experienced before! A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the islets of Ha Long Bay are said have been thrown into the bay by a dragon protecting the people of Vietnam. Take a junk boat tour for a close encounter, or try scuba diving or snorkelling in the bay!

You’ll find a new adventure around every corner in Vietnam. From breakfast in the Bình Tây Market and a secret tunnel system in Ho Chi Minh City, to sailing along the Mekong Delta in a traditional basket boat, you can find your perfect trip – no matter what that looks like – somewhere in Vietnam.

There’s no time like the present to start planning an adventure of your own in this majestic country, so why not start today? Head over to TourRadar to explore the range of tours available, or watch more of our videos exploring Vietnam if you still haven’t gotten enough of seeing the beautiful views and incredible adventures you could be having.

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