The LIVE punishment is here! Our final round begins with a few games of DECEIT, then the bottom 4 that YOU voted for will be subject to the LIVE punishment – some very uncomfortable yoga!

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  1. Angelica Joi Gomez says

    I want Bridgets @

  2. Jade-Louise Manby says
  3. Jemillia Bosher says


  4. Bonnie Batch says

    Poor sound guy Greg

  5. Eric RH says

    Omg why didn't I know this existed 😂

  6. The Demon King says

    So glad this wasn't my first smosh video that i watched

  7. Molly Haskell says

    Ok I know this is from a few years ago but Wes is ripped! 😍😍

  8. Liv Em says

    I have the same pants as Flitz

  9. burger says

    shes casually saying stfu

  10. Carl Aderic says

    47:50 haahahahahah lasercorn is so gad damn funny

  11. WolfSister 175 says

    “Wattpad just crashed” 🤣🤣

  12. Kass Walton says

    I question if Flitz is human

  13. Kristen Morgan says

    I'm laughing way to hard xD

  14. wassup weebs says

    Brigdet – 54:45 me- ✋🍆💧💧

  15. Grace Anderson says

    58:17 is the start of something magical

  16. Jose Ceja says

    haha hiler

  17. Universal Nerd says

    I now have so many screen shots of this video

  18. baggypants says

    Damn Mari can bend

  19. marco Lianza says

    Wes is the real MVP

  20. Apacolypse 26 says

    Funny thing is it never showed flitz and I was sad

  21. andrew sawyer says

    This woman has the patience of a saint. Bless her heart.

  22. BenIsJamIn says

    I a perfect reality they smashed, but in this one, I'd bet against it sadly.

  23. Mayara T. says

    40:35 I love Flitz even more for the OA reference <33333333333 march 22 Flitz and Shayne!!!!

  24. B says

    I need a friendship like Boze and Mari's 😂❤️

  25. Hayden Wilson says

    37:10 the instructor cursed 😂

  26. INDO THE K!D says

    47:49 lasercorn confirmed as best wingman

  27. Elli Bell says
  28. Sinakho Joy says

    Did flitz get the number

  29. Min Seo says

    Does flits get that number tho?

  30. Wavey Bee says

    The yoga instructor was totally over it in like 2 minutes!

  31. Eric Brown says

    Still want to know if Flitz ever got them digits

  32. Kaetii Jay says

    The yoga part was so hard to watch

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