1. Just Joe says

    So that's how they passed the radiation belt thingy

  2. They really knew how to write proper comments in their code back then.

  3. Ildar T8 says

    77 means 63 in octal, right?

    Emmm, sure.

  4. Bob Gilbert says

    As an ex-IT guy (now retired) this was THE greatest tech support call!

  5. N. J. says

    Just noticed your cool Ninkasi NSP boxes on the shelf up there. I live up by Eugene and they’re one of my favorite breweries. Had no idea about this “Ninkasi Space Program” project until I saw that logo and had to look it up. Imperial Stout made with yeast that survived a trip to space and back. Very cool stuff! Get in my belly!!

  6. Thomas Pownall says

    Not many probably find this interesting, but I learned Unix Coding while an intelligence analyst for the Army, attended MCSE course until deployment orders cancelled that. This is fascinating and appreciable

  7. bassmith448 bassist says

    Rope core memory.

  8. Patrick's Music says

    Amazing how Von Braun went from launching Nazi V2 to having large leadership in the very technologically advanced American Apollo programs. Really stunning to think about

  9. tommy bomby says


  10. Taffswell71 says

    They didn't have to Hack the Computer just disable the abort switch and the computer would have reset itself all they had to do was to pull out the abort switch circut breaker not hack it.

  11. Brian Arbenz says

    Did this problem contribute to the altitude radar locking up during the final descent phase? That also nearly scuttled the Apollo 14 landing. (To resolve that, they used the classic standby of "turn it off, then turn it back on.")

  12. Kim Shanahan says

    The way he said "Fly safe" at the end makes it sound like he put a bomb on the plane your about to get on

  13. Model '73 says

    I used to set up PID controllers with similar convoluted procedures. Boy I hated them. I was in charge of instrumentation in a pharmaceutical facility. I started out in 1980 with all analog instruments. I welcomed the digital instruments but after 30 years it felt good to be able to retire from it and now like many guys in their 70s I get my kids to troubleshoot electronics and programming.

  14. DarkBrave_ says

    Not a computer hack,

  15. Techup Yash says

    1:43 if you didn't change the photo, I'm pretty sure that it was a middle of a night !!!

  16. David Elliott says

    Yet again NASA failed to test their software systems and they failed to properly test the hardware that connected to it.

  17. Mason Jia says

    I couldn’t not subscribe you

  18. Marc Pearce says

    I love this! I work as a developer and do on call out of hours support for a fairly large client. That is stressful enough. God help being in that situation for an apollo landing!!

  19. Marcel Huguenin says

    Brilliant storytelling, thank you!

  20. phorzer32 says

    But it is more risk for the crew, to disable the abort system, rather to cancle the mission, isn't it?

  21. phorzer32 says

    Nice hack. I guess WPAkill was inspired from this xD Say the winlogon.exe, that the computer is in safemode…..

  22. Bala314 says

    For those wondering what a killer word is…

    it's kilo-word(similar to kilobyte)

  23. James Cooper says

    IDK, it sounded kinda like english but there were a whole lot of words that just came from a foreign language. I guess I should have had a translator.

  24. Pascal xavier says

    Which saved it? Do you realize that this modifcation was preventing from making an abort if the lunar module could not find a safe spot to land on before its tanks were empty? Do you call that a safe descent?

  25. Peter Walker says

    Bloody octal.
    Once upon a time, I didn't realise that the winapis for networking take a leading zero to mean the value is in octal. This drove me crazy when writing a network utility.
    ping actually pings works as expected but fails dismally.

  26. Chazz man says

    I've seen the clips of the women weaving that read-only memory.

  27. ToothbrushMan says

    "Thank-you for calling technical support. If you are satisfied with our solution, please stay on the line to rate our performance."

  28. Stevie Jo says

    People believe that this computer didnt exist. That there was no guidance computer invented at the time. Which is dumb, of use there was, and before there was computers on USAF fighter bombers as well at the time

  29. Nathan Childers says

    Lies to children always happen during times where death could or is involved

  30. Joe.A says


  31. Alex Landherr says

    Maybe someday we’ll have student lunar probes coded with Python and have them be hacked like this one…

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