1. Starstruck P says

    It has been ages since I've had a good laugh.

  2. FurbyFondler says

    poor jerome

  3. Cinfoni Spatium says

    POV: You are rich and in the line to get you COVID-19 vaccine but there's a poor person in front of you

  4. Dylan Kersenboom says

    Streamer admits he chokes on the 3rd ball

  5. eat hot chip and lie says

    Is this the guy who BROKE THE CLAW GAME while listening to text-to-speech transcribed audio of SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS episodes, ON STREAM??

  6. Mehrfth says


  7. G4TV.PepperTheDoc says

    That fucking outro HAHAH wow

  8. Siena Rose says

    this game got updated and i desperately want to see him play it again

  9. Augusto Borsoi says

    Local addict substituted by Minecraft let’s play AI as gambling addiction derails his entire life

  10. kakoytazabar says

    It's a good thing that he doesn't know what Gacha is.

  11. Daniel says

    So this is the reason he moved to vegas.

  12. Justin R. says

    Is it bad that I've seen people who actually do this at the convenience store I work at

  13. Pen Inc. says

    The coked up ai had me in tears

  14. Phibse says

    This stream made me feel ill

  15. ThiccTonyGames says

    Alternative Title:

    Man Spends 6 hours on chicken game then gambles life savings

  16. Jojo490 says


  17. Dangle-Oaf says

    The JermaCraft script being read by a robot made me realise how little sense Jerma makes when he talks

  18. Hesojo says

    good lord that "Wait!" during the spongebob text to read made me laugh

  19. J F says

    He can make anything entertaining

  20. Scrungo McDungo says

    Alt title: The $41400.00 Boombox

  21. CuckooCoins FidgetSpinner says

    Hey. Whatsup jerma?

  22. Champiness says

    Jerma cackling in confusion as a text-to-speech voice starts reciting verbatim a story he told in 2011 about his childhood is genuinely the kind of infinitely recursive hall-of-mirrors bizarre New Media emotional experience I come to this channel for

  23. Dante Diep says

    17:27 Add this to the list of times Jerma demonstrates legitimate superb acting skills. Can someone clip that entire bit out of context and make it seem like he was legitimately losing it? With a title like "Jerma Has Meltdown on Stream"

  24. Malric says

    the jermacraft tts sounds like the thoughts of a squirrel

  25. HighTierMortal says

    Jerma could've just bought hundreds of IRL boomboxes with the amount he spent of fake game money lmao

  26. Kira W. says

    The way this video ends is perfect!

  27. ddkl36021 says

    Jerma casting the chat doing a scratch ticket is unforgettable

  28. Ryan B says

    jerma listening to the jerma craft script is the funniest thing ive seen in a long time

  29. Turkey Man says

    Hes so bad at scratchoffs he actually managed to scratch 4 Nones off one time

  30. ArusenPriest says

    The edit of just pure silence as the outro logo fades in chefs kiss Fantastique

  31. CoffeeBeen says

    Man, his gambling addiction is a real tragedy…

  32. Wrought says

    you know, for a guy who "doesn't like the casino" jerma sure is always like 5 clicks away from a crippling gambling addiction

  33. djoecav says

    I got a Keno ad when I opened this one

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