1. Christian Sample says

    13:37 "22 needs to start" all us LSU fans said that the entire 2018 season…

  2. Lawrence Morgan says

    I like how he says 22 needs to start and he is one of the best running backs in college football right now m

  3. Mjthegoat1635 says

    9:31, targeting? He didn’t hit helmet to helmet 😂

  4. Kyle Stewart says

    its not really an upset if they are both ranked

  5. Mav the LEGEND says

    “TOUCHDOWN WASHINGTON!” uh you’re team is LSU??

  6. Cristian Turner says

    War eagle

  7. Abrahm Collier says

    Your the best youtuber cause your very humorous

  8. Sockables says

    When a QB has more rushing yards than passing……… Its THATWALKER

  9. Farm Family1188 says

    U waited ten yrs to run so he got off his block

  10. Nicholas Roddy says

    Yeah if you've got this year's roster, that Cole Tracy kid will make any field goal you give him. He was great! I think this was his only year of eligibility left though…

  11. Alberto Calixto says

    You need to slide more to avoid those fumbles

  12. SL Fitness says


  13. young_kam3 says

    lmao giles is so trash in real life

  14. Nate DeFazio says

    4:44 x was so open

  15. cquick 3 says

    Go Auburn War Eagle!!!!!!!

  16. Zack Ford says

    War damn tho

  17. Georgia Dawgs says

    That is why Mark Richt is not at UGA anymore..

  18. Houston Abner says

    How do u get updated rosters

  19. Hite Outdoors says

    That Walker=Jamarcus Russell

  20. Cooper Prince says

    Bro I’ll take his place

  21. hihihi0963 says

    All American difficulty

  22. Day Ovo says

    Finallyyyy we’ve been waiting

  23. Giancarlo Parodi says

    For god sakes pls slide, you arent a running back, you may be option but that doesnt mean you are meant to take big hits. You will keep fumbling and getting injured unless you start sliding

  24. Cameron Robertson says

    Dude I love your vids and your positivity with all your vids. Keep it up man!

  25. Rflo71 says

    what game is this ?

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