Tachanka Rework Is In The Game Now! Surprise…


Ubisoft made the Tachanka rework live in the main servers today!

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  1. C R says

    I wish his stupid grenades didn't bounce. I try to use them as area denial and they always bounce somewhere I super don't want them to be. Good rework, though. Now I can actually rock his pink Rainbow is Magic skin that never gets used because he was a garbage Operator.

  2. Tony Tha Tiger says

    The lord should be the only one able to get up from dbno

  3. Infernodotdash says

    This was so disappointing for console. the hype train for him passed weeks ago.

  4. Nick Halhead says

    Dude I'm struggling with siege its ruined

  5. Jack Rosenbaum says

    Its actually been i think about 16-17 months since they revealed his rework. If I remember right, they revealed him on the new kafe rework, which was Phantom sight

  6. Fuckingenius says

    no… give him withstand and take away launcher… make weapon 2 shot.

  7. EdgyInkling says

    All i see are all those crazy line ups, that let shoot 2 molotoves making 2 of them land at the same time at the same place killing attackers after they just spawn

  8. WT is pretty cool says

    I'm a tachanka main with 150 hours, and a 1.4 kd on him- MrDuke#9368. I really don't like his lmg, the low fire rate is god awful and the damage drop off doesn't seem right, he had a bulletproof shield for a reason lmao

  9. Jacob Day says

    What happens when you put a melusi on a soft wall then break the wall around it?

  10. Jesse Munoz says

    Simple, with the new consoles and games coming out they're trying to peak the community's interest to keep the player count high through this holiday season, glad he's here though

  11. Madtrack says

    He's actually pretty good. He's also somewhat balanced.

  12. Dutch has a plan says

    I wasn’t prepared for them removing tachanka shotgun that was best part about him dammit 😩

  13. Delta Yankee says

    He is not allowed for FACEIT tournaments in the competitive scene.

  14. zain mahmood says

    I think he should have withstand because of one the memes and two if zofia has it why can't he It'll balance out no?

  15. Mr Rager says

    Was this a pro strat to hold out on putting him in until COD was released to get back some players who left for the new COD?? It would make sense since he’s been so highly anticipated, just a thought

  16. Christian Spear says

    I just see his gadget being strong with aruni so you can keep people out during the cooldown

  17. OGMayorMcCheese says

    Original perception from pros was he was broken and op. Then he turns out to be fine. Why am I not surprised

  18. Dan Haddix says

    I'm still wondering if the delay had something to do with getting the voice actor to record the lines. In the original TTS at the start of the season he still had that weird computer voice. He's only just now got the actual voice lines. And even so his voice sounds a bit different so maybe the original actor wasn’t available and they had to find someone that could do a suitable impersonation so people wouldn’t complain.

  19. Haizer says


  20. Runitup Nas says

    Idk I doubt I’ll play with him but have fun y’all

  21. Varun Verma says

    Ubi should give +10 points if u get a kill using Tachanka, naming it "+10 Holy Damage" cuz Duh !! (Uk just like extra points u get when u kill zofia using ela or vice-versa, the sister revenge point)

  22. Q dude HOME says

    I'm sorry if im a believer of an old religion and a speaker or a dead language but im going to always acing with the OG chunky tank

  23. Zer0 Gravity says

    Amazing I play on console and I think he’s less viable than smoke but an amazing pick but I’ve only played him for 1 hour or so

  24. Quentin Brien says

    The pros can suck on a fat one. Pros say everything is busted.

  25. kyle trinos says

    I hope I don’t get steal while I’m picking this

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