StarCraft 2: ZERG vs ZERG! (Live Game)


A defensive Zerg versus Zerg in StarCraft 2.
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In this Zerg versus Zerg match I decide to play an aggressive but yet at the same time defensive approach. Aggressive in the sense that I go for counter attacks and take the engagements on his side of the map, defensive in the sense that I’m trying to establish a bigger economy and therefore over power my opponent.

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. Legacy of the Void is the third and final part in the StarCraft 2 triology.

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  1. Joshua Smith says

    Do you change the camera to your second base every seconds
    for a split second while doing nothing for a higher apm??

  2. C N says

    One or 2 dropper Lords with Banes would stop that aggression.. # I never played it only watch.. never seen anyone do that though.. Try it

  3. Russki says

    I usually try to be the first one to expand to rush my opponent at the beginning and most of the time they are not prepared lol. I'm that aggressive type in the game when I send waves after waves of zerglings and roaches upgraded.

  4. Brilliant Arrow says

    This is the only video I can find where the Zerg actually win

  5. Drone Wars says

    I love starcraft 2 got bad connection but im on starter edition and i play agains AI AI wins becouse bad comnection but when i am protos i win but AI is good with zerg but he takes so looonggggg do build forces i got under 3 min 2 zealots ghe got 1 qeen -_- but your vidoes are amazing!


    A gentlemens agreement! That´s what i love about this game. Your videos helped me a lot! Thank you Lowko! Keep it up! 😀

  7. Keyemku says

    noob queshtion, but how do you select multiple hatcheries to make a control group with?

  8. Hoody1147 says

    Yo! I have a huge problem with ZvZ. I feel like it comes down to pure micro, and if your not better than the other guy it's already gg. Is there a better safer opening that ling bane, for getting up to 3 bases. I was trying to get an early roach warden, and get the evo chambers and queens to wall. Save myself the early game micro, and play something more than ling bane…. got a match to show off?!?

  9. Sunday_lav says

    Is it any good of an idea to research burrow and make some welcoming bane mines if this sort of aggressive play is spotted early enough?

  10. Nick 123 says

    Do you have any tip for improve my accuracy for selecting zergling during zvz, because most of the time I can't choose the appropriate zergling to deal with baneling, and eventually lead to a zergling massacre :((

  11. Arthur Hardland says

    Lowko, and everyone, what is the thing you most like and dislike about the Zerg race? Including co-op commanders (Abathur, Zagara, Kerrigan and Stukov)

  12. Rod Roddy says


  13. Tymax says


  14. yraco says

    zerg vs zerg, I think the zerg player will win

  15. DVolt Z says

    i wanna know how you got this far into the game (8:40) without being swampped by mutalisk

  16. The titan777 says

    si hablaras en español
    este canal seria uno de los mejores
    pero lastima hablas en ingles pero bno q se le va Acer
    like amigo

  17. Toshinben says

    Is there a reason the 'units lost' tab isn't used often? It seems like the advantageous battles were even more important than economy in this battle.

  18. Tim Young Jae says

    lol that was a reference to games of thrones/drones, u win or die

  19. Yes says

    how to i send replays to lowko

  20. Dubble Twice says

    Excellent video dude. Great to watch you play and commentate. Excellent to see the break down from the opponents POV.

    Impressive man.

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