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Quick and tasty breakfast recipe. New recipe in my cooking book.

White Rice = 2 cup
Potato = 1 boiled & mashed
Onion = 1 medium chopped(1/2 cup)
Carrot = 1 small chopped(1/4 cup)
Capsicum = 1/4 cup chopped
Tomato = 1 chopped(1/4 cup)
Coriander leaves few chopped
Green chilli = 1 chopped
Ginger = 1 inch chopped
Curry leaves few chopped

Red chilli flakes = 1/2 tsp
Black pepper powder = 1/2 tsp
Cumin/jeera = 1tsp
Salt to taste
Baking soda = 1/2 tsp or Eno fruits salt 1tsp
Water as required
Oil = 3-4 TBSP

Coconut chutney 4 way:

Spicy onion chutney:

Perfect Dosa Recipe:

Dal dosa :

Green moong dosa:

Lauki dosa:

Millet adai:

Millet idli :

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  1. Sanchari Mukherjee says

    Awesome recipe. Tried a couple of days back. Tastes superb with coconut chutney

  2. Baiju Kumar says

    How does it taste??? Chilly ?

  3. Baba Khadmi Foods says

    Sister G please Remember me too in Your prayers and Your SUB List………….Thanks JazakAllah

  4. Baba Khadmi Foods says

    Very good Breakfast Idea……

  5. ms renuka mardi says

    Plzzzz will u give the link of the pan u r using … Plzzzzz

  6. Khana Badosh says


  7. Thalika says

    Yummy. Like. New friend here stay connected

  8. Mummy Pasikuthu Kitchen says

    Wow very simple tasty..


    Easy cooking

  10. Areeba Mudasser says

    Very nice


    आपका अपना कोई है तो वो है आपका अपना शरीर, को जरूर देखें

  12. Yadav Seema says

    Aaloo kab dala🤔pta ni chla recipe me to aaloo b that n,okk all are well, thanks 🤩🤩

  13. Danielle R says

    Could you do the rice soaking and blending step a day ahead of time?

  14. KUMS KITCHEN says

    nice recipe… I made some tasty breakfast so chk my channel

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  16. G Family's Adventure says

    hello friend nice recipe food

  17. Kanti Panday says

    Very nice 👍♥️♥️

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  19. sweet girl ___ says

    But you didn't use boil potato as u mention before

  20. Usman Khalid says

  21. SelvanKitchen says

    Superb thanks so much my dear

  22. Anione says

    Nice recipe. What is the brand of your blender?

  23. ARK says

    I tried. It's very tasty ♥️

  24. Rainbow Colors says

    Another Delicious meal thanks for sharing from Rainbow Colors.

  25. asma khan says

    Can i skip potato??

  26. Niranjala Perera says

    Made this receipe twice. Thank you, it came out nicely.

  27. your wish our intent says

    Waw yemmy.

  28. Bushra S says

    Wow…that was brilliant for a super-health packed bfast. I did it for dinner

  29. Khadija's Remix Collection says

    Healthy breakfast

  30. Iffat Babr rang baz says

    wa g wa

  31. Ishtiaq Ahmed Qamar says

    Seems DELICIOUS and fine. I shall my wife to try it or I shall myself do it…prof I a qamar

  32. Aapka Apna Tasty Tadka says

    Nice recipe…

  33. shilpa sharma says

    Yar merse nahi bn ra hai pls help mje fekna pad jayga warna yeh batter

  34. Kitchen Warriors says

    Really apetizing. keep it 👆up

  35. Musfirah's Story Time says

    Amazing recipe #musfirahsrecipes

  36. Shikksha's Beauty Tips says

    Wow!! Yum recipe

  37. James Lock says

    Yummy Good recipe

  38. Shivam Satghare says

    Name for this breakfast?

  39. Indian cooking with Satwinder kaur says

    Wow healthy recipe

  40. TAMALI SARKAR says

    Very testy recipe

  41. Tamanna Khan says

    Hy konse vale rice hai jo chila banate hai vo vale ya normal rice

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