My Football Manager 2020 Custom Skin Guide – TCS 2020 Download #FM20


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►TCS Skin Download:
►TCS Skin twitter:

How To Install

1. Download the file linked above and move it to your skins folder.

This can be found at the following be default:

Windows: C:Users*USERNAME*DocumentsSports InteractiveFootball Manager 2020skins

2. Extract the rar file so you now have a folder called ‘WorkTheSpace Skin’

►Win Rar Guide:

3. Launch Football Manager and go to FM – Preferences, then select the skin and clear your cache via the interface preferences screen. The reload the skin in the bottom right.

4. if done correctly the skin will now be loaded.

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Here you can check out all my latest Football Manager 2020 (FM20) download files and mods, these include wonderkid shortlists, custom views and tactics.

My FM20 Graphics Addons:

►TCS Skin Download:
►TCS Skin twitter:

►TCM Logo Pack –
►Cut Out Player Face Megapack –
►Trophy Pack –
►Stadium Pack –

Outro Music:
The Beach – Sonic Spark
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  1. Joe Ok says

    i accidentally put it in a steam folder and everytine i delete it and re download it’s automatically goes into that folder, anything u can suggest?

  2. Nicolai Schubart says

    great skin – but I cant see any stadiums. It is like in the video, but without the stadiums …

  3. caferustwat says

    On my player profile it doesn't show preferred foot, instead it shows actual game time. Any idea how to change that?

  4. Jack Cowley says

    I’m having a problem where my tactic screen is too zoomed in so I can’t see the full formation. Anyone know how to fix this?

  5. Jason Pearson says

    Great video man love how you've got everything looking. I've followed your facepack is it from a safe website because its asking for payment to sign up to ?

  6. Benny Hummel says

    hi jack love the skin i have 1 issue where can i find the players preffered foot????

  7. Alan King says

    Does this work for FM20 Touch?

  8. kriss debenham says

    Hi, thanks for the work, i really like it, only problem is when i set up the panels on player profiles etc they don't stay, as soon as go to another screen and come back, they all go back to default which is quite annoying. Can anyone help?

  9. Roy Chapman says

    where is the link to get this? do i need to subsribe?

  10. 4PlayInc says

    I read you can see a players CA (current ability) with this skin, but I can't seem to find it. Can someone help me?

  11. Adam Brophy says

    Isn’t working on mine everything is good except the bar where the logo, info and kits are it is all blank any help?

  12. Gabriel Tremblay says

    Is there a site where there is free player faces?

  13. Jordan Capewell says

    Please do a face and logo video soon, linking the packs you use! Me much appreciated! 🙏🏼

  14. Masked says

    I would use TCS but it doesn't fix the lag with the match engine graphics. All default skins cause lag, only Material and Flut skins fix it. I get smooth 60fps with flut and material and with tcs i get 50fps and stuttering. Not the skins fault, but obviously its using some panel that causes the match engine lag.

  15. Mista Cee says

    Anyone know how to get skins on stadia version ?

  16. Haekal Abdalla says

    I downloaded this but once i put the skin on it took me to the press conference room screen with no option to continue or click anything. I then force quit the game and now my game stick at the loading screen. I have deleted the skin and tried to load the game but i'm getting the same issue. Any suggestions?

  17. Killian De Wulf says

    Hey WTS first of all thanks for the videos (just finished bingewatching the Lyon live safe which as a New player helped me soooo much) however something that helped me even more is your WTS skin for low resolution! (Yes uni student can't really afford anything other than a cheap laptop) I would honestly Pay you (or patreon support you) for it on FM20 🙂

  18. Brian Qvordrup Jensen says

    Your link to some Packs are outdated 🙂
    ▶Stadium Pack (2020) :
    ▶Stadium Pack (slightly bigger size 800×480):
    ▶Trophy Pack (2020):

  19. Atlis K says

    Does it work on the demo? Got to manage playing that before I get paid end of the month.

  20. Luke Kypri says

    Brilliant skin

  21. Haekal Abdalla says

    your skin crashed after i trying to clear cache and reloading the skin

  22. Axify says

    My laptop is lower resolution but I plug it into my 1920×1080 monitor will it still work?

  23. Sean Hughes says

    Jack which facepack do you use along with stadia, also if i dont use kits does th skin work.??

  24. Simon Leach says

    I can't get this to work…have extracted the file to my 'skins' folder but in game I can only choose the 3 standard skins??

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