Minecraft VS My Computer!


WILL IT CRASH!? Leave a LIKE if you think so!

Today I try my best to break my PC.. with varying degrees of success.

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My texture pack is Faithful and Codecrafted combined.

Intro: ProleteR – Can’t Stop Me
outro: ProleteR – April Showers


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  1. SHIVANG SHAH says

    Man how is that pc still working I mean mine crashes just after I open 5 different apps

  2. minealot dude says

    guardian riding a bat spawned by a repeating command blockalso sky factory 4 on technic launcher

  3. Fireball J says

    I got a new PC 2 weeks ago and it runs at 160 fps

  4. Qwikster says

    mine crash when i explode 6x6x6 cube of tnt

  5. Ender Mine says

    It’s sad but this pc has out of date tech already it’s insane it’s good but can’t run new stuff well at all. ( still great for other things though ). The brand new PCs actually may survive the sand and tntI realize this vid is also 4 years old so that sort of makes seince

  6. Ender Mine says

    I know how to crash it. Use rtx on a 1080 it’s ok but at max graphics it really struggles (I’ve tried)Yes I realize this is 4 years old but whatever

  7. Chaos Cosplays says

    Wow Mine Crashes COMPLETLY When I Break any Block In Survival

  8. victoria worship says

    Mumbo: 35 fps that sucksMe: Struggling on 15fps on a old iPad all the time

  9. Timothy Martin says

    4 years too late here, but anyway: create a custom superflat world, with 5 layers of sand and nothing else. Update a block and see what happens.

  10. Rehan Jamadar says


  11. Rishi Patel says

    how does his voice change from documentry to gaminglolololololololololol

  12. Jack Hadskey says

    Lights a tnt – that’s not too bad. *turns around revealing wall of dispensers”

  13. MaxiT 303 says

    Lagend's see this video in 2020

  14. Nithya Chandradas says

    10 pieces of tnt and my PC goes Ka-Boom!

  15. NOUDLES 2 says

    my computer when i play minecraft i goes at 60fps

  16. NOUDLES 2 says

    try sand waves wave machine

  17. Home Phone Pugh says

    Minecraft: CrashesMe: what do you mean I can’t light a 200 x 200 x 200 block of TNT! It’s only 800,000 blocks of TNT!

  18. OGNjEN 0007 says

    Or reapiting command block that spawn chickens

  19. OGNjEN 0007 says

    Bruh u can use 10000 Real formidi bombs, nukes and other💣💣💣💣


    It's funny when the fps (frames per second) converts into spf(seconds per frame)


    3 is the fav no i guess


    I did the same and I got 3 frames per second til 3 mins and then the GAME CRASHES 😁

  23. Tristan533 says

    9:24 that is my regular fps when i walk around

  24. EpicPlayz says

    I've tried to crash my gaming pc but minecraft ends up crashing before my cpu even gets to 50%

  25. Jimmy Glynn says

    Mumbo:so at this point in time, i just dont think this is the solutionMe:more like the problem

  26. irena barbanel says

    try to crashh minecraft bedrock on your new pc

  27. hastop craft says

    you could hold down f3 +c to crash (hold it don't release until the game crashes)

  28. RyanGamingXbox - Gaming and more says

    Mumbo: I'm gonna crash it with redstone.Me: The Minecraft Server that's running in the background might lag. But that's not gonna crash your client.

  29. Skeleton says

    You new pc crashed in less than 20 seconds yet my xbox one still managed 1fps

  30. x10zxc says


  31. CrazyGamez says

    i crash when i look at a jungle

  32. Mitchell Ginn says

    Your 0:45 Solution: Step 1: SET YOUR FPS LIMIT TO 2 AND BLOW UP A TNT

  33. mashrafi plays mc Minecraft says

    My Pc : oh hes pc works more faster i thot i am faster well i cant handle it I WILL BE FASTERMumbos pc : haha jelusmy pc after clearing my minecraft files 🙁 : HAHA I AM THE FASTESTmumbos New pc : i have 10000000 fps in a seacondsmy pc when he turned minecraft fps to 10000 : you are new go old school xDme : um i knew you all are jelus

  34. mashrafi plays mc Minecraft says

    you can jast mine 10 diamond ores with fortune 3000 i did it and my pc didnt even lag xD

  35. Blu says

    dose it have RTX or GTX or YTX or UTX or TTX or OTX or PTX or LTX or KTX or CTX or ZTX or STX or JTX or ATX or ITX or ETX or WTX or DTX or MTX or NTX

  36. LTC everything says

    u should activate all ur redstone devices at once in ur redstone woooorrrrrllllddddlike so mumbo sees dis

  37. Decifering Fears says

    lag machine makers: Interesting..

  38. Ponni Gharami says

    My pc gets 90-100 fps on a normal world 120 on Superflat and 300 on Skyblock because I can drop down my render distance (only on Skyblock)Like if you want to

  39. Rob’s C says

    Yeah you take a Redstone torch and observe her on a piston and you make a piston clock thingy and then you teleport the player that you want to crash over to that location where the piston is and they should crash

  40. HappyHenzo says

    Now try this with an rtx 3090

  41. Not A Pleb says

    If u really wanna crashur PC just turn on optifine and go on a server and put on ur max render distance

  42. Bryce Gabri says

    this was on my recommended exactly 4 years and 1 day after posted is it just me

  43. Utku Başol says

    the pistons not effect pc its effect tps(tick per second)

  44. Ece Bulca says

    hermit craft season 5 episode 67…

  45. 3rm1n says

    Optifine: I'm about to end this man's whole carrer!

  46. 3rm1n says

    My old laptop: Im four paralel universes ahead of you!

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