Manchester Baby: world's first stored program computer


This video was produced by Google as a tribute to the “Manchester Baby”—the first computer to run a program electronically stored in its memory. This was a flagship moment, described by some as the “birth of software”. To find out more see:

While nothing remains of the original machine, a working replica is on display at MOSI (Museum of Science & Industry, Manchester). For more information about MOSI and demonstration times of The Baby visit

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  1. Andrew C says

    This computer is not in Manchester University
    It's because Manchester University is now partly a museum.

  2. Hawaiian_Monarchist says

    Can it run crysis

  3. matt matt96 says

    The baby before da baby lol

  4. cluckingbells says

    I don't know why but it reminded me of what is known today as a frame buffer. If that's right, very interesting to see and hear how such a thing began.

  5. Senko says

    Computer is came so far from its took the whole room to fit one computer to nowadays we can fit the powerful computer in our pocket.

  6. gort59 says

    I just love the old “ BIG IRON “ computers!

  7. Hamza Furqan says


  8. Kris PlayZ says

    Can it run crysis


    I was outside that place the other day….

  10. James Doakes says

    1:18 those graphics tho

  11. MBG-TECH says

    23 inches wide ,that's what she said

  12. The Retøker Inventio says

    Some comments here shows that some people do not make difference between a calculator and a computer …. someone even claimed that the computer was invented in ancient Greece… Do Egyptians and Chinese agree with that ?

  13. Confused Wolf says

    Showcases the pragmatic attitude of the Electronic Engineer. Idea..Design..Prototype..{1..N} × Debug…Finish. But to recreate EXACTLY after decades = an even higher achievement!!

  14. Afnan Adil says

    How they makes first software for first device without device can anyone tell

  15. Ace stuff!

  16. Tushar Thakar says

    We love nature and natural resources for our Earth and geography and …….

  17. Tushar Thakar says

    We love nature and science with honesty and happiness with lots of greatings and pride…..

  18. Sebastian Burek says

    6:02 this smile…

  19. TwistenTiger says

    Can it run PUBG with max setting and awesome graphics

  20. oyounes says

    but can it run minesweeper?

  21. RX Black says

    Does the camera looks new

  22. Ryan Kim says

    El video es muy interesante

  23. Meny says

    how much fps on gta V ?

  24. Charlotte moore says

    I have been to mosi ( the museum of science and industry) and I saw the baby replica and I have to say the volentiers are amazing I had the chance to talk to one who was taught by one of the men who worked on it thinks like this make you proud to be from Manchester

  25. oiva h says

    can it run minesweeper

  26. Zombie X Legend says

    can it run battlefield 1 tho?

  27. sveaplutoner says

    Fuck i did make Facebook xD

  28. Denxytube says

    Can this run witcher 3 on max settings?

  29. Lucille Green says

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  30. alex Production says

    Can it run minecraft at 200000000000 fps

  31. luapluapluap1000 says

    as stated in the title This the first STORED PROGRAM computer. it doesn't claim to be the first computer. The von neuman computer or IAS computer developed at princeton university used the same memory used with this one, the Williams tube. it stored a grid of "spots" 32 wide by 32 down becoming the ubiquitious 1032 bits (1k) of storage.
    [from the book by G.Dyson Turings cathederal]

    The work of Turing being very important to all stored program concepts

  32. olympic says

    So i assume this cannot run black ops 2? on highest settings>

  33. anonymous says

    Think if he have this big gaming computer with 1000 titan x graphic. Cards and 100 intel xeon processors

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