Lionel Messi – Panna Monster (HD)


Lionel Messi has had amazing panna’s in his career, here are a few of them

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Dark Forces – Epic Hybrid Trailer

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  1. Elvis Kuaseua says

    who the fuck is that commentator

  2. Uriel Gonzalez says

    messi if your reading this I want you to know that your my hero and the best soccer play ever
    and I want to play soccer just like you I am your number 1 fan

  3. Uriel Gonzalez says

    I am a fan

  4. Uriel Gonzalez says

    then I grow up I am going to play just like messi I am fan

  5. Mr Inconsistent says

    panna king in the pitch…..messi
    panna king(s) in the street…..skilltwinz

  6. Boris Garcia says

    which one is the name of the music???

  7. ouhdcsk gjvjh says

    messi the best ever

  8. Anthony Popescu says

    im a messi fan but a meg isnt panna

  9. Rossella Auriemma says

    best messi

  10. Pablo León says

    Tito 🙁 RIP

  11. Koen van Barneveld says

    The audio track is on youtube now! Dark Forces Epic Hybrid Trailer

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