Lionel Messi 2020/21 ● The Greatest of all Time


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Credits – Dan comps

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Credits – FCbarcelona , UEFA And Laliga

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  1. Gondwana says

    VIDEO IDEA: "Messi as a number 9". Messi's instinct in the box is no different from his instinct on the rest of the pitch. He has scored many goals which are like 1-touch or max 2 quick touches, from different angles too. These goals are usually overlooked because they lack the beauty of a good build-up etc. It would also show that Messi is the best in other positions too!

  2. MESSI EDITOR says

    We are editor its tough to crop your name

  3. MESSI EDITOR says

    can you hide your name

  4. Messi is an Alien says

    That's my man

  5. Interunk Again says

    Classic choice

  6. Vitor Oliveira da Cruz says

    Best player for Messi best gols ever best 2021 La LiGA

  7. It's Mehra says

    Great edit ❤️

  8. Thu Nguyễn says

    messi is the best in the world

  9. Marcos11〰 says


  10. João Victor Vieira says

    E esse lance cortando o CR7 🤣❤

  11. Vitor Oliveira says

    Best player for Barcelona Messi for history 2021

  12. cristy__boy__ cr7 says

    iam a cr7 fan but messi was unstopable

  13. TacticalError says

    Such a nice vid, Messi is best of all time 🐐⚽️

  14. Abhi . freefire gaming says

    Best ever player in universe

  15. Adam Mamo says

    Ur taste of music is 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️

  16. Miracledyson Rynjah says


  17. Miracledyson Rynjah says

    Missi. 👎👎👎👎👎😛

  18. Tantai Pokpong says

    I love Messi The Goat is very motivating He made me love football

  19. SK7 HD says


  20. fabio rampin says

    Per me, Messi é il più grande della storia

  21. Rayya __00 says


  22. Danom_X says

    What do you use for editing ur vids? Also I love your vids and u

  23. Jan Hlinka says

    Messi ❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️😎🦁👑🐐

  24. ADITHYANATH pv says

    please select the best song i realy like this video and greatest to ever to do it ok so it should be better than this to ok i trust you . you can do it and wait please tell which app you edit and teach me and thats alll

  25. ADITHYANATH pv says

    please make another video of messi vs athelic bilbao and vallodolid with the best songs please do it

  26. ADITHYANATH pv says

    woow super

  27. Lionel Messigican says

    Whos watching after the great victory against Athletic De Bibailo

  28. Mind Player says

    Amazing barca 3rd 😊

  29. Shitposter Leo says

    Bro tell me where to get clips plzz?

  30. Diego Sousa says

    Passando aqui sempre pra deixar o like 😎

  31. GT Football says

    Great Work ❤❤😍😍

  32. GolazoFirst says


  33. Dreamz Z says

    Your videos are always perfect I love it

  34. Lau10L says

    😍🔥🔥 Song?

  35. Mession Boy says

    Ronaldo is chutiyaa
    And messi is the GOAT🔥🔥🔥


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