iPhone vs Android – The Reality


Jump Cuts is a Tamil comedy group by Hari and Naresh. We love telling our stories that we have came across in our life, friends, neighbourhood and bring it to you in our own way through the jump cut editing ✂️.

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iPhone vs Android – the reality

Haribaskar & Naresh

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  1. K24 trailers Productions says

    Semma video bro

  2. Annai wood pressed oil says

    My name also Kowshik

  3. M D J A V I T H says

    Verithanam bro neenga

  4. Jagan Eswari says

    Nega super Anna 😂😂😂your dilogs and flow voice makes me smile hardly😂😂😂😂

  5. vιρεя ツ ωσмαη ꪑ says

    Background music annoying

  6. Hardeep Sakthivel says

    In meanwhile girls hari bro voice was like cartoon Jackie Chan

  7. Balan K K Smart says

    Anna vera level na u r rocking and still rocking na

  8. Sribala Subramaniyar says

    Still this video is rocking

  9. Khoushik Narayanan says

    Who saw bigg boss break before the video🤣🤣

  10. venkatesh Balakumar says

    This is one of the best videos from jumpcuts.🥰☺️☺️. I saw this video 3 years ago,

    Missing this type of videos from Hari baskar nowdays.

  11. harish Elavarasan says

    Super bro vera lead

  12. Kanishka R says

    Who and all watching in lockdown hit a like

  13. Akshay Akz says

    Android 🔥🔥
    iOS 🔥🔥

  14. M. Vijayakumar says

    Nice video 👍

  15. Yogaraj S says

    Semma girls character 😂🤣🤣

  16. JACK #004 says

    Watching this video in corona lockdown 😎😎😎

  17. Akash Akash says

    Anyone watch this October

  18. Varadharaj Varadharaj says

    Bro freefire id

  19. Saravanan Karuppanan says

    Semma bro

  20. Gomathy Murali says

    A love this video bro

  21. Sanjay Harini says

    Who watch this video at 2020quarantine??

  22. Pebbles ! says

    Vera level bro Samsung users like here

  23. You Tech Tamilan says

    I am also having an small channel in you tube click my profile

  24. Ambiga Dhanam says

    1:48 that's more than enough

  25. Udhayakumar V says

    Poda lose

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