How To: Turn an Old Office Computer into a Gaming PC!


In this video I show you guys how to upgrade an old office pc for gaming. I talk about what kind of parts you should upgrade in an older system and how to change out each part. This in my opinion is the best way to put together a cheap gaming pc.

Prebuilts to upgrade:

Thanks to discount pc for sending out hardware to use in this video:

Free drive cloning software:

installing windows 10 video:

Cheap ssds for upgrading:

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Personal Rig Specs(Amazon Links):
Ryzen 7 1700:
Asrock AB350 ITX:
Galax HOF DDR4 3200mhz:
Zotac GTX 1070 ti Mini:
Corsair SF450:
Jonsbo C2:

Songs Used:
Good For You – THBD

I hope you guys enjoyed the video! Make sure to leave any questions in the comment section down below and I will do my best to answer them. ——————————————————————————-

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  1. Tech By Matt says

    Long time no see, lol. I'm going to have a Ryzen APU build video up this weekend and I have a bunch of other awesome content lined up for the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

  2. kokusashi says

    The computer I have doesn’t have a box like you have you just connect it into a wall and it was only made 4 years agi

  3. Giorno Giovanna says

    720ti are 50 bucks

  4. Joel Song says

    can you put a Intel core i5 9400f

  5. Josh Lauritsen says

    But you didn't replace the case and motherboard. Smh

  6. Dark Archer says

    You could've just gone for something like the Core i5 3570.

  7. Huskyy Desu says

    got the optiplex 780…. gotta add a gtx 750 den.

  8. John Doe says

    Let the PC run for a hour so the thermal paste isn't stuck to the CPU

  9. Novus • says

    Dude this is to complex for me just say buy this and that and put it in

  10. CalebRaven says

    how about a windows vista 🙂

  11. dell 790 i5 2nd pc this pc perfoamers is great smooth work

  12. WWFC Josh says

    can this run fifa?

  13. Pivital says

    have an hp pavilion office pc, and it’s actually really good already! Has 16 gigabytes of ddr4 ram, Intel core i7 9th gen, gtx 950, and a 600 watt psu. Honestly, only thing I would do is upgrade the gpu to a 1660 ti, and this pc would be a monster.

    I paid $750 for it

  14. Zion Sampaio - Harris says

    Can this get a video with the hp compaq 6005 pro small form factor?

  15. PotatoDaBest says

    can i just put graphics card and ram to make a normal gaming pc. like i want it to run gta or pubg.

  16. AdamF says

    I'm getting a dell optiplex i3 2100 4gb ram 120ssd 500gb hard drive and a gtx 730ti is that good or not and what could it run

  17. Wheresthepie? says

    Found one for 80$ Thanks for the idea bro! Arrives on the 23-25 of September!

  18. Mr. McCheesit says

    My friend might give me his old pc and it is 11 years old and has an I7 so I was thinking of keeping the I7 adding a gpu and replacing the power supply and the hard drive then adding an SSD and RAM

  19. Hydro says

    what kind of power supply if the one that came with the pc

  20. Daniel Stewart says

    That i5 2500 is a good CPU. It was my daily driver in an upgraded HP Elite 8200 SFF PC. Just upgraded to a Dell T1600 workstation. Put in a new PSU and replaced the old Quadro with a GTX 1650 and I am good to go.

  21. Pivital says

    Nah just buy a $600 dell with 12 gigs of ram and an i5 with integrated graphics then upgrade the gpu to a 1050 ti ez 90 fps on gta 5 or on most games

  22. TOCT AAM says

    No no no this video is a scam!

    Everyone knows you just need to add your corner shop's whole stock of RGB!


    i have the same pc

  24. Adrij Bhowmick 9E 3 says

    Will 2nd gen core do streaming??

  25. Music Bacon says

    I have a old Windows 7 PC I upgraded it to a gaming PC is pretty high graphic card and it let me play the maximum is csgo and overwatch it’s pretty good PC though

  26. Kinglagger says

    I got a optiplex 9020 mt on eBay with a GTX 1050 ti 4gb i5 3470 16 gb of ram 480gb ssd with a 1tb hdd with w10 pro for $300

  27. GaryGot says

    I’ve got a Lenovo k330 with i7-2600 and I need advice

  28. GrilledCheeseToasty says

    This pc has an i3 and my “gaming pc” has a core 2 duo

  29. dimond gamer says

    The odd thing is that I own that exact pc

  30. Reacting or gaming says

    Don't I have to remove the mother board

  31. Tech Dude says

    Lol I got a GTX 960 for 50$ and a 500 watt PSU 40$

  32. Frito says

    When applying Arctic Silver, they have instructions on their website for how it should be applied. It's not always the little dot in the middle. I advise people look it up based on the processor they use.

  33. ClaudeGaming says

    I know im a little late on this but a good i5 would be the i5 3330 at 3.0 ghz without turbo with turbo 3.2 ghz

  34. Vicious says

    My dad will never buy a graphics card

  35. Neeta Zope says

    Lol 1 am in 5 standard and I have this pc


    what parts should i buy for rendering, blender and have higher FPS up to 144 for cheap. I need desktop parts.

    so can someone please answer with a helpful feedback?

    thank you!

  37. Icey Boi says

    Here is a tip for people living in portland. There is this place called "Free geek" and if you volunteer there for 48 hours you can get a pc like this for free!

  38. Putte MacGuff says

    Can you do a video about How to turn an old gaming PC into a okay office PC?

  39. plop_is_dad says

    Do you need to change the motherboard??

  40. ッU D Y says

    How to find what parts are compatible with your PC?

  41. ItsJustAnExpression says

    I have a dell optiplex with a rx 590 and a 550w psu

    It’s an i5 model

    Runs almost every gam at 144-240

    I used to have a gtx 760 and a rx 570 until I changed them

  42. Jayy Gunnz says

    I just bought one today for 100$ it's a Dell optiplex 790 mini tower. Help me upgrade it

  43. Damion GG says

    what our mom thinks when we fix the internet

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