1. Marukia M says


  2. rakesh debbarma says

    Nice lifestyle…

  3. Twinkle Badeo says

    Always watching every episode you done.From Philippines.I love all your videos🤗🤗😇😇

  4. WIN NIDHI says

    nice miss polin

  5. Phone Ggg says


  6. Thima Survival says

    i like

  7. 阿禧郎Axilang says


  8. dek Dew says

    Ninggal jejak, mampir ke channel saya yaa 🤗

  9. Mia Duritan says

    i hope you put the name of the ingredients when you cook.nice video.

  10. Kob Hab says

    That cake is made in my country. Who know where is Polin Lifestyle live in?😊😊

  11. W Sameera says

    We called it's paddu, in Karnataka india

  12. Chloe Zono says

    Cambodia is so ancient. Hope you people continue to preserve your traditional food and cooking, simply healthy. Thanks for showing us your culture.

  13. Sothivadivel Shanmuganathan says

    Beautiful super Amazing video congratulations from Nederland

  14. Maria Fernandes says

    Polin I Love U so much very hard working women 👍

  15. Jeany Pajela says

    In philippine we called dekot

  16. Sindhu Chlm says

    Wowww குழி பணியாரம்🤤🤤

  17. 農夫「阿隆」新國台語 says


  18. Rosita B says


  19. Villager says


  20. Hazzi says

    Where is her homeland?

  21. shahir vt says

    I think you eat more sugar 😀😀😀

  22. The Nature Kitchen says

    Oh there’s a stone grinder🖤We call it as “kurahan gala”😍It reminds our culture too🙂Love ur lifestyle💚Much love from Srilanka🌳🍀🌴💚🇱🇰

  23. Amos Killing says

    Oh my god,.Sis Polyn why you are not inviting me on this launch time? 😅😅😅😅. I more vedios like this…. Sis you look very beautiful..

  24. Sandeep Kumar says

    HiFriend You are really natural beautiful.

  25. Ibrahim Shafiuddin says

    Where is ur homeland

  26. Katy Cooking says

    I would love to have that stone grinder.

  27. 彩羽奈 says


  28. Flordeliza Cabading says

    Love the country 😊

  29. 凪子0410 says


  30. Alfred Dsouza says

    Nice video

  31. Qasim Khan says


  32. Nia Yordania says

    makanan apa itu ya baru lihat 🤔

  33. ichayos Official says

    Gae apem,, in indonesia nm is APEM 😁😁

  34. ichayos Official says

    Very nice,,,, very cute ☺

  35. Da Da says

    វីដេអូក្រោយសំណូមពរបងធ្វើនំត្នោតម្ដង ញាំុជុំគ្រួសារ💞

  36. Budi Dewa says

    I love You Polin

  37. SAJAN VLOG'S says


  38. Junior Pedras Preciosas says

    ញុំចង់ស្គាល់ផ្ទះរបស់អ្នក! គ្រួសារ​របស់​អ្នក
    khnhom chng skal phteah robsa anak! kruosaear​ robsa​ anak…..❤💜💛💚💙🤎💝💘💟💖💓💗💞💕❣💔

  39. Junior Pedras Preciosas says

    ning rbieb towphteah robsa anak now bratesa kampouchea……?

  40. Junior Pedras Preciosas says

    Khmer cake ,…..hummmm

  41. Sareea Ppg says

    mm my favourite , it is khmer breakfast," nom krok.."

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