How to Make an Android App for Beginners


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Android development can be a great way to turn your idea into reality or start a promising career as an app developer… and getting started is probably easier than you think.

These days Android Development is done with a tool called Android Studio. Android Studio is kind of like the Microsoft Word of writing Android apps; it helps organize our projects and gives us a user friendly way to create what we’re looking for.

In this video we’ll walk through installing Android Studio and then make an app. Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience with Android or even programming in general; as long as you follow along we’ll all end up at the same place.

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  1. EliteURBX says

    What this has taught me is that to make an application it is important to know how to code.

  2. Sam S says

    What alternatives to android studio

  3. Casey Axel says

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  4. Sunny Fred says

    Download the bitmap app to develop app.

  5. Ethan Loubser says

    Can het the nextInt() at 14:48 🤦‍♂️

  6. n Mahendran says

    But her explain is good

  7. n Mahendran says

    He telling like story eye are closing🥴🥴🥱🥱

  8. Nix John Ashley Rozario says

    Can u help me making my own apk?

  9. thatssojayah says

    It’s always good to have an app for both android and iPhone. My FREE app was created with help from a freelancer

  10. Asjad Amin says

    Hardcoded string "Howmany?", should use @string resource

    I am getting this error in textview can you tell me whats the problem

  11. Simon Mathiasen says

    Very very good

  12. jayahari g says

    up to 9:54 there was some yellow alert symbol at constraint layout but after that it simply disappears, so something is not included in this

  13. Prasanna Ganesh says

    which link

  14. Chance Watkins says

    Very clear instructions and explanations. Thanks for sharing God Bless Ive subscribed

  15. Jon Jermenous says

    Omg great introduction😍😍

  16. Time to Code says

    Simple introduction to android app development

  17. G a l x y says

    yooo is this free im 10 but I know lua and if this is free then I am quitting youtube to do this as a daily activity

  18. GamerFox 1081 says

    instructions unclear i made gta 5 instead ;-;

  19. Aziz Yuldoshev says

    Where he got the password?

  20. Android Developer says

    Please install and support my first android app.

  21. Android Developer says

    Please support my first android app

  22. yash d says

    Everyone came here thinking they will become a millionaire and unfortunstely gave up

  23. Xhander Franco says

    Aside from correcting the error in Random function for newer SDK versions, add "+1" after progress to avoid Force Closing when seekbar is at the left most option. So ' val rand = Random.nextInt(seekBar.progress+1) '

  24. Goku Super says
    Quiz App Android Studio

  25. EnkayTech says

    what an informative video >>>>>>>

  26. Deepak Kumar says

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  27. Jennifer Balson says
  28. Mega Mijit says

    "android studio"

    uses a mac

  29. Ur Dada says

    Using android studio on Mac….. NOICE

  30. Jessica Williams says

    Awesome Video, As we know android app development is playing a great role in our life as well helpful for establish business around the world. Here you can develop your own android app:

  31. Siam Ahmed says

    bro what is your gender?

  32. MAKE IT REAL says

    Nic video

  33. Pothula Sathish says


  34. Nadavalur Sarath Kumar says

    Adding 1 for a random number can give you 10 as result. As seekbar has 0-9 as limits

  35. Teach facts says

    Bro you are teaching android coding in mac..😶😶

  36. Average George says

    I have zero knowledge of coding and I'm learning it so I can launch the world's shortest and stupidest game ever


    Pretty good video 👌 is perfect for beginners like me LoL 😂 i really want to learn how to do this kind of apps, thanks for your help.

  38. Ashton Grist says

    hes cute and his voice isn't too annoying… and hes cute… single and gay?

  39. James Pandiarajan Rajo says

    Yah, easy enough. Thanks.

  40. BAR RRY says

    1:52 is where watching video ends for me😂

  41. GOSPEL GAMER says


  42. surya prakash says

    when i run the app in virtual, it is giving an error message application is stopped. Any solution for this?

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