How To Connect an XLR Mic to Computer for Beginners


WARNING: I no longer recommend using a USB soundcard to connect a microphone to your computer. It has become too unreliable due to manufacturers altering the components used in their products as well as alterations to operating systems causing additional problems. The only method of connecting a microphone to your computer that I recommend is with a USB AUDIO INTERFACE that is designed specifically for that use case.

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  1. Mario Cangiano says

    Hi! Thanks for the info, is it possible to receive phantom power from the audio interface using the XLR to 3.5mm jack cable?

  2. harriethtw says

    What brand is the XLR to USB cable you are using? I have bought one but it doesn't seem to work. Would it be because the mic gain is high and the power doesn't support enough?

  3. Immortal - says

    I was gunna use this mic on my Xbox, do I need the sound card

  4. xT0K0x says

    Hi there! I recently bought the AT2020 and the Behringer UM2 you recommended.

    When I record my mic picks up a distracting white noise. Do you know what I could do to reduce that? Or could you recommend a service online where I could pay someone to troubleshoot with me?

  5. Shepard 99 says

    I use a usb sound card, phantom power, and the 2 xlr cables but the audio still has white noises. Is that normal? What should i do?

  6. Trianglemax says

    man after using a headset mic for a long time it hurts me to hear you say the XLR to usb sounds bad because it doesnt it sounds great!

  7. TheBigMan says

    does this work for windows Pc ?

  8. Joshua Shaffer says

    what keyboard is that on your desk????

  9. Taufiq Rahman says

    What devices do I need to paralel 3 or 4 XLR mics to audio interface with single XLR mic input such as this Behringer UM2?

  10. lydiaa says

    I have an Audio Technica AT2020 and a usb to xlr cable. can i just plug the cable on the pc tower? for some reason it's not working.. do i need to get a usb port? will that make any difference?

  11. KPhlowTV says

    Hi there, I hope you can guide me through the microphone setup configuration with Windows10 HP Laptop.

    The Microphone I bought was XLR and 6.5mm jack on the other end. So I bought a 6.5mm to 3.5mm converter jack to plugged into the one and only 3.5mm headphone slot on my laptop. Will it work this way?
    I'm DJing on Live Streams but the DJ Controller I'm using don't come with built in Mic input like the higher end Pioneer mixer.

  12. Aref Mozafari says

    First of all thanks for such a nice and helpful video.
    Second, a question: Why you didn't try your 2nd method (XLR to 3.5 Cable + USB Sound Card) with that dynamic mic?
    Because i know that condenser mics needs external power and obviously USB sound card doesn't provide that for the condenser mic that you were used in 2nd method.
    Finally i wanna know that is there any differences in your 2nd method result in case of using dynamic mic or condenser one?

  13. Jose Torres says

    Hello. I am planning to take a video/ audio conference stream from zoom or ms teams then take the audio only from the computer and connect it somehow to a mix console. The console then output the local mics and the stream to the ambient speakers and to another computer or device that is doing a live stream to youtube and facebook. What do you recommend for the computer with the conference?

  14. Shineson Gerald says

    Doing a great job mate ,thanks it helped me ,,god bless u

  15. Mystic says

    Does the Xlr to USB cable have 48 volts of phantom power

  16. g girljima says
  17. Bavv Morda says

    You explained it SO clearly when everyone made it so complicated thank you 🙏 I already own both a dynamic and condenser mic and I bought the xlr to usb as a stop gap while I save up for an interface. Now I know I can make an informed choice thank you sm

  18. Chris Miltimore says

    During our church service, we use a normal dynamic microphone hooked to a sound system in the building. Due to COVID, we've begun to broadcast our meeting via Zoom but the sound is not great because the computer microphone (which we have near the pulpit) doesn't pick up the sound very well. Is there a way to use the pulpit dynamic microphone and split the signal somehow so that it broadcasts the signal to the sound system but also connects to the PC we are using to broadcast to Zoom? Is there a way to do that? I would appreciate ANY help or advice.

  19. francisco casabal Yoga says

    you have the best information video about this subject in youtube. Simple, clear and practical! thank you. but which one you use?

  20. Nakura says

    I'm using Behringer XM8500 and connecting to my laptop using XLR to USB. The voice is clear but there is static noise from it, I seem to can't make it disappear no matter what I do.

    There are no visible cable or microphone hardware fault from what I see, there are no possible other devices that could causes the static (I tried to move around with the mic but the static remains consistent). I even bought a USB port hub thinking that the static may comes from directly connecting the USB to the laptop's motherboard.

    Does anyone have a fix for my problem? Thank you in advance.

  21. Yanny Lawrence L. Gutierrez says

    Thank you for the advice ☺️

  22. Jeilds says

    How do you turn up the volume of your mic on your PC when you hook it up windows 10

  23. icebear says

    I just bought the shure sm48 and an xlr to usb cable but the audio is very quiet and im not sure why can someone help

  24. Brayan Grimaldo says

    Mixer Xenyx 302 USB to XLR

  25. AYAZ ALVI says

    Help me out I use kadance studio m interface and at2020 xlr but the problem is I have to turn up the gain completely to get loud vocals but it’s giving me a lot of static what should I do? Does it only support some interfaces….?

  26. Thanks sir from Chicago, IL

  27. I used your link to buy one it is not available, This is the link

  28. Great video and to the point

  29. Thank I never knew .Thanks from Chicago, IL. I never knew when the sent me this thing with my new video camera kit on how to use these items. Smile

  30. Techie Kid says

    Sir, will it ruin my microphone if i did not unplug the xlr to the phantom power supply? What im doing is just unplugging the adaptor to the wall socket and plugging it while phantom power is on.

    Please answer :<

  31. OneSmallBead says

    Or use an amp that has a usb output and an XLR female to TRS male cable, just be sure to turn volume to 0 on the amp or you will blow it.

  32. Rahul Raj says

    How to connect xlr to 1/4 cable to pc??

  33. Carlos Galvez says

    I have my mic connected to a mixer through XLR and from there to my 3.5 mm macbook input. Would I benefit from an audio interface?

  34. Peter Lovás says

    Hi, I have a problem, I connected a dynamic microphone Soundking 205 with laptop through icy box ib-ac527 soundcard, but there is zero response from to microphone to computer. Mic is enabled in pc devices, and is connected to icy box ib-ac527 through xlr-jack 6,3mm with 3,5 mm adapter. Please advise where the problem might be. Can it be the jack 6,3 to 3,5 interface signal loss? Thx a lot!

  35. UncreativelyDani says

    I’m new to XLR mics I’ve used usb mics only but I’ll looking at the rode mic pod and idk if I should get a interface or just a XLR cable ? I’m looking at the focustrite Scarlett solo 3rd gen. Would that be good ?

  36. Aarnav Srivastava says

    I want to buy a new mic to record my Beatboxing at my home but I don't really have much knowledge about sound systems. So could you please tell me if I can use a Shure SM48 (that's what I am thinking to buy) directly to my speakers. Please help.

  37. Aarnav Srivastava says

    Is Shure SM48 an XLR microphone?

  38. Aakamsh says

    I don't even have a PC.. don't know why I'm watching this

  39. Daniel says

    do i need the usb sound card and the phantom power? or can i just plug the phantom power to my motherboard with the 3.5 audio jack?

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