Computer Repair / Virus & Malware Removal – LIVE!


Computer Repair / Virus & Malware Removal – LIVE!

14:00 – Opening Computer
50:20 – Emsisoft Emergency Kit
2:06:56 – CCleaner – Portable
2:18:30 – CPU-Z English ZIP
2:24:47 – Crystal Disk Info – Standard Edition
2:30:24 – Malwarebytes – Free Pro Trial Version
2:32:13 – Unchecky

Emsisoft Emergency Kit

CCleaner – Portable

CPU-Z English ZIP

Crystal Disk Info – Standard Edition

Malwarebytes – Free Pro Trial Version


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  1. Swisscheeze Gaming says

    Hello nice channel 👍

    I do PC desktop diagnostics, and repair mainly virus/spyware removal and cleaning of unnecessary files cookies, temp, from computers as a side hobby in my free time so no charge unless someone offered a small monetary donation for my time & effort… I keep all the tools i use on USB thumb drive so nothing is physically installed on the machine.. one of the tools that i use is a program is called smart toolbar remover and its purpose is to scan for and display with option to remove any installed toolbars on the computer including google, aol, yahoo & microsoft internet explorer toolbars I remove all of them by default for purposes of simplicity… but yeah it's aggravating when someone brings in a computer thats bogged down by spyware and viruses and running slow as molasses because they installed a bunch of software or in one particular case i had…. a person brought me a desktop that was running god awful slow so as per the usual i boot it up and get to windows and try to navigate through the windows interface click the start menu, click to open some desktop program icons with great difficulty i open up the USB drive and launch the toolbar removal app clear all toolbars, and ran crap cleaner let it do its thing, then ran adw cleaner *malware bytes free spyware, pup removal tool let it run removed what it could then ran spybot S&D and let it run took at least an hour and a half it came back with 1800 infections!!! come to find out the computer was used by the clients son and he was using a P2P file downloading app to download illegal pirated full version software… had to remove the P2P program and all the programs from the computer after repeating the process in safe mode cleared any residual infections detected by the programs i used and rebooted the computer the client was impressed by the boot up speed and said it worked faster like the day they first bought it… I then stressed to her that programs like Limewire and Kazaa and Bearshare contribute to the infection of viruses and spyware on the computer and poses a great security risk to the computer by means of viruses, trojans, rats, spyware etc… needless to say she was more then grateful for my effort and put forward a small monetary donation to offset the time i spent on it…

  2. OnsDiySoemaGoete says

    Great content. There is something really satisfying from watching a Senior Technician troubleshoot a pc because I can only imagine the years of experience I am seeing in action. Love your content. 😍👍😎

  3. P. O'Neill says

    HI Carey I am very happy that you helped that Lady with Respect, others would have found it funny your a Good Man 10.19

  4. Simtitan1's Gaming & Tech Talk says

    At least for me, there's something so therapeutic about slowly bringing a malware infested machine back to a useable state.

  5. low351 says

    you so nailed the reason I won't work on older PCs, I tell them it will cost more to repair than buy a new big box pc.

  6. Shwagg Daddy3000 says

    it was bundled to something she did install more than likely.

  7. Rob Atom says

    Bester Mann!!! Greetings from Heidelberg, Germany

  8. Paulo Maria says

    thank you

  9. David Dyess II says

    It didn't take me long to learn to back up the data restore the PC, restore the data. The only thing that you have to do is put the purchased software back on. I like your videos!! It creates nostalgia..

  10. dougcomp1 says

    great show sir from sunny phoenix

  11. Mokhtar Salleh says

    Good education for those who has zero knowledge with computer thank you for the video

  12. ludger will gaster says

    125 not bad….buy pc every 5 years now I let pros do what you do… windows 95 days I messed my machine up too much till I stopped messing about

  13. g0fvt says

    Years later I have just tried Emsisoft, it found nothing whatsoever, interesting I rely on Windows Defender which many don't trust. I guessed 17 by the way, close but no cigar.

  14. tj mouse says

    I can offer no help my friend, but i'm glued to your knowledge. Thank you for your time

  15. Christopher Romo says

    Hey Carey! Its been around 4-6 years since i've subscribe and watch your vids. Two years ago I have officially started a career in the IT industry as a Desktop Support Tech lvl1 for an small town MSP provider.

    Your videos alone gave me a foot hold to start this career. Still have a ton to learn and grow. Hope this assure you in your mission to empower/teach ^_^/

    Truly from Texas thanks!

  16. TeCh GuRu says

    not bad

  17. Alberto Hernandez says

    hello from houston tx

  18. Boje Breinbjerg says

    Thank you for very good tips, Carey. I've always gone for BIOS updates as you, but forgot to check dates a couple of times. DO CHECK DATES because when it's the same version the mb may stop working … still in 2020 !

  19. Samuel Adejuwon Sr. says

    You are doing a good job. You are a good teacher

  20. neilgroves1 says

    Hi Carey for system info eg. which versh of windows press and hold windows key and press pause break key!!

  21. Jeison Kapeya says

    Hello I like the way you explain things excellent

  22. Jeison Kapeya says


  23. Chris P. says

    Hello Carey. I'm a 68 year old women who's facinated with computers and troubleshooting them. I'm watching this live video and I'm loving it. I have gotten many, many computers (mine, friends, family etc) back to working order after hardware has failed or malware/viruses have ruined them. I've taught myself everything I know by reading, researching, you tube videos and by doing. I am not a technician and I have never charged anyone for for my time, I just do it cause I love it. I have loads of emergency programs (Emisoft, Malware Bytes, Glary Utilities, Hitman Pro, etc) on a flash drive ready to use on a computer in the event that I can't get the computer to connect to the internet. (Of course I update the programs regularly) and I make myself a checklist of things to try and what I have done. Thank you for the video. Very interesting! I googled KNTCR and I found instructions on how to remove it.

  24. Area 51 A L X says

    Who needs Malaware Removal Knowledge when you got that MalawareBytes Premium 14 Day trial program on ya USB?

  25. sunnymornings says

    What I personally do is to backup my documents file in real time. I keep all my serial keys of software . Have a dvd or usb boot with windows to reinstall fresh. Other methods dont keep your pc clean

  26. Darrell MOTH IVERSEN says

    Thanks for all you do

  27. gary obrien says

    hi from canada

  28. daniel pham says

    hello and hi

  29. Nib West says

    I'm from the UK and totally computer illiterate for the reasons you state. I have limited knowledge, not exactly none, Eighty four years old well at home in my world with all, if not more than average, of the skills of my world Find youngsters dull and dim in this area but find they're sharpish in theirs. I'm not sure who outshines the other but find on balance we needed to learn more than the younger generations. None of our world was automatic, calculators didn't exist, wartime shortages meant no toys or equipment for sport. You had to make your own including design it because you used materials you found. To learn you had to find some who knew or experiment. Now you have the internet. where even that will tell you how to use it, and freely available new materials for sale
    I'm inclined to believe with the resources available and the desire to learn I would not have any trouble learning as much,and as thoroughly, as any youngster and probably my experience gained over the years, would save me some of the problems a younger person would meet.
    Any way like your presentation and enjoyed this particular video as it was clear and logical as well as informative and educational.
    As you touched on the subject, the old learn if and when they want to, as many universities are finding in many countries. I've earnt three degrees since I retired and still keep active. Cheers

  30. Jan de Jong says

    CareyHolzman, i saw a dog. Probably helping you? I thought you are allergic? (lol)

  31. Gerald Garner says

    hello from columbia mo

  32. al821 says

    Work in IT. My coworkers would have a contest on who can find the most hits on malwarebytes. The one with the most hits had to buy lunch.

  33. Erd says

    I like the way you treat people with there computer, your honest and respecting the end-user my computer is personal to me. Great guy, Great work.

  34. Ritchie Rennie says

    Like me, I keep my advice honest no holes barred if you dont need a part I won't suggest it, I know of repair men who actually take parts out before giving it back.just like a dogey garage there are good mechanic's and then thers is Mr Cowboy and Mr chancer

  35. Billy Jackson says

    What I hate about fixing anyone's computer they always expect you to do it for free they have no idea how long it takes to know about computers.

  36. Rick03038 says

    Hi Carey, Thank you for this video. I am getting ready to migrate my laptop HHD to a SSD and used EmsiSoft to check my hdd and had 0 issues come up. I'm a new subscriber! You seem like the only tech online that actually teaches how to do repairs. Thanks again, Rick

  37. Wilfredo Poneles Jr says

    Hi Carey I'm a pilipino and yes frm phil.your video is very helpful I'm learned a lot accually im a crane operator I started to watch your videos accidentally about…yes computers so, I'm curious I'm start to build a computer by watching your videos now I have a small computer shop here in Phil's sir thanks alot..pls continue what your doing you're a great guy and good ❤️ many thanks God bless.

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