Authentic vs Replica Soccer Jerseys – Key Differences Explained | 2019-20 Edition


We get lots of questions every year about fan jerseys. Which is legit? Why does one cost more than the other? Which would fit me best? Check out this video to learn about the key differences between adidas, Nike, PUMA and New Balance’s authentic and replica soccer jerseys.

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  1. zikrillah radzi says

    make for season 20/21 pleaseeee

  2. Chelton Schatz says

    What exactly is Episoketren System? How does this thing really work? I notice a lot of people keep on talking about this popular training course.

  3. kyojin says

    replica in my country cost $6 or Php300 lol

  4. Zhenya Demin says

    I would recommend you all to visit

  5. Luiz Silva says

    Can we get the official name and number look onto the replicas jerseys instead of justing getting the official name and numbers on the official jerseys?

  6. Big Chungus says

    As well I notice that the replicas wear out very quickly in about a year they start looking worn

  7. Riyad Clarke868 says

    I know y’all wouldn’t care but do one for Aston Villa this seasonnnj

  8. Sherlock Holmes says

    Video is BS!
    Man Utd haven’t been a “top club” for nearly a decade now!!

  9. rockwithroadrunner says

    Hello someone. I want a replica AC MILAN jersey but I’m ordering from Italy. I normally wear a USA XL shirt as I like shirt a little baggy. Should I get an XL kit or is sizing different over there?

  10. Andreas Ioannou says

    The New Balance/Liverpool shirt, both replica and ''authentic'' versions feature embroidered logos? No heat transfer (less weight) logos for the ''authentic''?

  11. Carlos Eduardo Cornejo says

    Can you guys do 20/21 authentic vs replica differences in jerseys… is adidas or nike upgrading their authentics ? Like that one year adidas went from adizero to climachill and when nikes jerseys also kinda changed.

  12. Ray S says

    Authentic fits better but sewn logo and badges on replica is better than heat press nonsense

  13. Emma Megan says

    As specialist, I'm sure Episoketren System is good way to increase your soccer game. Why not give it a chance? perhaps it is going to work for you too.

  14. Philip Gouldman says

    very helpful and insightful. I always go for the authentic on field shirts players wear as i find them to be higher quality and more comfortable. The new Chelsea FC Vaporkit shirts are top quality!

  15. tizian says

    I only know Football sorry

  16. Nikhil Dev says

    This man looks like ogbeche "the youngest goal scorer for psg"

  17. Syphax Aloun says

    Can you have a tight replica jersey ? Plz reply

  18. Cardi Boii says

    They definitely smashed afterwards

  19. Dallas Cowboys Highlights says

    Strange. It actually seems like the replica is the better choice given the actual sewn on patches and such.

  20. quintillionaire says

    Can you put a player’s name on the replica jerseys?

  21. Prasenjit Chowdhury says

    Lysa is cute

  22. AR1GAT0 says

    Great video, they were both really informative and great at presenting. Love the jerseys!

  23. Farouk says

    the guy wears an FC Barcelona replica jersey and still looks shredded to the gills

  24. 청소년과 놀이문화 연구소ILF says

    real madrid has great jerseys
    they are so nice and delight
    the strips are colored gold

  25. gabe4k says

    thank you, I'm been buying authentic soccer jerseys for year. Thinking it was as bad as fakes american sports jersery

  26. JayMoney says

    i weigh like 270 pounds but i’m tall what size do i get or should i not even get 1

  27. Ethann Kyle says

    Was this authentic/replica jerseys always a thing? Did it exists before? Or is this a recent thing they are doing? If so, when did they start making replicas/authentic versions in the jerseys?

  28. Yusra Ali says

    Hi, what size shirt is the girl in the video wearing please ???

  29. Ileana Mendoza says

    Is Episoketren System helpful to increase your soccer skills? I've read a lot of good things about this popular training program.

  30. Noel Camargo says

    name of the girl pls ?

  31. Davey Miranda says

    Yo but why do the other teams have heat pressed logos for the authentic, but New Balance have embroidered logos for both replica and authentic!?!😂

  32. Krzysztof Zarębski says

    Hello. I have a breathe stadium PSG jersey in S. This replica is very matched to my body. I want to buy a authentic Nike vapor match so I don’t know what size I should choose. Medium or small again? I have 183 cm and 62 kg. I prefer looser shirt but I want to buy vapor/authentic. Thanks for help.

  33. H T says

    1:26 as an Arsenal fan I take offense that my club is not included.

  34. Ernesto Turbo says

    You should release Liverpool champions league 19/20 kit

  35. Guilherme Fogaca says

    Very expensive replica, I sell like the original for 40 $ exactly like the original

  36. Albert Guerrero says

    Damn, i want a authentic but am chubby and dont wanna look like a unwrapped tamale 😂😂😂 should a XXL authentic feel alright? im 5"11 -230

  37. Anderson Davi says

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  38. Max Cooper says

    But I prefer to buy tickets of sports match rather than buy a expensive jerseys. Fake jerseys also could be awesome, especially from

  39. Tariqqo Omari says

    Blond stay away from this nigga

  40. Leon Keenan says

    I usually order a size up even if it's a replica. Sometimes replicas still feel tight.

  41. Andross says

    Looking forward to seeing more videos! You deserve more views! Did you ever look into using smzeus!!? You could use it to help get your videos higher in the search results.

  42. Alvaro Resendiz says

    I wear large for adidas replica jersey. I wanted to get an authentic but I don’t know if I should I get a large or a different size?

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