1. Soccer AM says

    🎧 Arsenal fans, listen to some great Gooner stories from Ray Parlour on the new episode of the Soccer AM Podcast 🎧

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  2. J C says

    On fire????

  3. Ishfaq Uddin says

    He shot before passing the penalty spot

  4. Gary Vella says

    The rain put the fire out of lauren as i cant see which part was he on fire

  5. Remzi Remzi says

    He is not footballer. Handballer? basketballer ? Volleybaler?

  6. Paul Banner says

    Fenners looks the kind of guy to offer pre teens Maoam through his zipper

  7. Oscar Pye says

    Asian bloke had me creasing 😂😂 bet he don’t know who Kaka is

  8. The Heroic Journey says

    On Fire?????🤔🤔👎

  9. narayan agarwal says

    The goalkeeper let Lauren's volley go in intentionally in the third attempt..that's sick..saved Lauren's blushes btw

  10. pobtron says

    9:56 Did Jimmy just molest Lauren??

  11. William Ellis says

    7:30 for cringe

  12. aikaeel taylor says

    that chinese lad happy he got a 50 50 didnt answer many in the 5 mins

  13. SJB TV says

    Chinese Alan Partridge

  14. Dan Best says

    Jimmys reaction to lobby 🤣

  15. Chloe Price says

    Fenners looking like he works at NASA

  16. Class_enal FC says

    The only thing more cringe than 'fun time Bobby' is fenners trying to dress cool 😂😂

  17. liamdor says

    The Asian kid is annoying but he's just enjoying himself

  18. kanishk says

    Why is it called "Soccer EhEm Pro Am"

  19. Liam Bailey says

    Come on Lauren Arsenal all the way

  20. Lmaoboi Lmao says

    That Asian lad made me feel disappointed to support donny

  21. Ash R says

    Interesting side foot volley technique by Lauren

  22. Tom Labore says

    Every contestant on this show has their hands behind their back

  23. Mr Jones says

    On fire? Jesus Christ your titles are straight up lies.

  24. Huncho Jakk says

    Fenners has a severe coke addiction

  25. BOOMxHEADSHOT yt says

    The Asian guy got one question right and then started flexing

  26. Chris Newton says

    Thought you said he was on fire

  27. TwiggyHD says

    Pair of mongs

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