American Soccer's Gender Wage Gap: The Daily Show


Becky Sauerbrunn, Ali Krieger and Hope Solo help Hasan Minhaj understand why the World Cup-winning U.S. women’s soccer team should be paid the same as their male counterparts.

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  1. Akinkunmi Mary Temitope says

    The last part though.

  2. Jay Fisher says

    Number of views = Number of dollars is that so complicated?

  3. Mark says

    lmaoooo the fucking dislikes 👎🏼

  4. Kiki Jewell says

    WTF with the like ratio?
    Men have such fragile egos…

  5. TiSiMo says

    simple solution, make a game between the men and the women us national team! The score gap is the pay gap. ex usmnt 2-0 uswnt, the men will make 5 times more than the woman

  6. Chachi Shapiro says

    Comedy Central is to Comedy what MTV is to Music.

  7. Ultra says

    55 year-old Bobby Riggs and 29 year-old Billie Jean King.

  8. Ultra says

    I love how their case is destroyed. Must be embarrassing for them.

  9. Betti Lopez says

    Why even entertain that coward?

  10. Kanishk Purohit says

    THIS is why I find Trevor pathetic

  11. Mani Kanta says

    Women's team rejected the deal… Women's team get permanent salaries, Men's team get nothing.

  12. R pati says

    All this misinformation is why trump got elected. Trevor noah you should be ashamed of yourself for spreading mis information like this. It’s disgusting. Trying to be divisive and misinforming people is not the way to bring about change. Just like you reported on this how about you report on the contracts they signed before they knew they were winning. And all the extra bonuses they’ve gotten which men don’t get because their contracts are higher risk.

  13. Connor Arnold says

    Do they produce as many revenue as man make? That's what I thought

  14. Espeon Animations says

    My 5th Grade teacher showed this to my class to learn about sexism. I’m just here because I wanna remember last year when the entire class erupted with laughter from a certain word starting with a ‘P.’ Yes, I am a kid still.

  15. Vijay Bhushan says

    I heard their champion team lost to under15 boys teams by 5-2…I just heard that 🤔

  16. Shiva Srinivasan says

    They did not bother to do enough research before filing a lawsuit.

  17. Matteo Ciaramella says

    You know what other level is “different than that”? U15 lmaoooo

  18. Snappingturtle 267 says

    This is so stupid.

  19. Snappingturtle 267 says

    Give me a fucking break. Women’s soccer brings in less money. Lol

  20. Jacob Koopman says

    Yeah just don’t forget the contract or the fact that the women get paid more

  21. Ketmen says

    Yes they might have won 4 gold olympic medals. But can they do it on a cold, rainy night in Stoke?

  22. Ketmen says

    Bobby Riggs was a senior citizen by the time they played. Serena herself admitted that she would get stomped by any top 300 men's player. But it's not the physical superiority of men that gets them better money. It's the interest they produce. Say a men's football match on WC is watched by a billion people. Women's just a few million. So how should they get payed equal money when they just dont generate equal interest. If anyone still remembers Ronda Rousey, she was the highest paid ufc fighter in one moment. But she got more money because she sold more PPV than anyone else until Conor came around. So girls if you want female athletes to earn as much money as men do, start watching women's sports as passionately as we do men's and Megan Rapinoe won't bitch anymore 😂😂

  23. Raiez njr says


  24. Aswin Aravind says

    You get what you fuking deserve . Generate more money then you get accordingly

  25. Sazidul Huq says

    They still want equal pay when they lose by 5-2 against a u15 Academy team.

  26. S D S says

    Im Indian so I've seen many videos of Hassan but the problem is he doesn't do enough research.. and doesn't have proper stand on anything.. he is just happy as long as he is on TV. Hope you learn, grow and do better. All the best.

  27. pages•pictures says

    Show us the full interview with Gavin.

  28. Sickkkkiddddd says

    Hasan's piece reeks of bias and misinformation. You can't say Men's soccer isn't popular because McInnes couldn't name any players on the squad. McInnes' point isn't invalid just because he doesn't watch soccer. You could run a search on YouTube and see the packed stadiums for yourself as opposed to the turnouts at the womens' games. Eyeballs = revenue. I admit it would help if the US Soccer Federation was transparent about its finances so every one can see the figure for themselves and stop talking out of their asses. 'cause there's no way in hell Mens' soccer ran a loss in the same year Womens' soccer made a profit.

  29. Ajay Antony says

    What u should have said to them is make people watch womens soccer / football then u get more…… How do u pay then when average attendance for women soccer is just 800 and mens is 22000 🧐….

  30. Marcus De Villiers says

    They are ranked 30th against the gods of football. ThAt's actually impressive

  31. Hunter 1bas says

    In the end the women soccer team lost to lil bois eh what tf more can u say

  32. Evan Wynn says

    Sometimes I can’t believe they even leave videos like this up.

  33. Randomstuff says

    It's not about how much you win, it's about how much you earn for the federation. Their might be an odd match where you do earn more but usually, it's not the case AT ALL.

  34. Phyrom Huy says

    Why don’t you talk about numbers! Men’s 2018 World Cup earned 6 billion. Women’s 2019 World Cup earned 173 million. Men’s winner got paid 0.6% of the earnings while women’s winner got paid 3%. This argument is insane!

  35. Blanket Man 69 says

    This will blow your mind more people watch male soccer than woman soccer.

  36. TheJano226 says

    Only in the US do they try to pull dumb sht like this. Law suit this, illegal that, science is fake, blah blah blah

  37. Bidwellz9 says

    less people watching means less money, it has nothing to do with their gender. same goes for basketball

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