7 Healthy Recipes For Guilt-Free Snacking • Tasty


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  1. Sujata Sanake says

    Who hate this video 👇👇👇

  2. Sara Mo says


  3. lola0600 says

    I like the music, so 60`s

  4. Cuisinbo says

    So yummy.
    Makes me so hungry

  5. Shubhada Pal says

    Very good recipe. Mangal ho.


    This Channel is off the CHAIN! LOL

  7. Harrison Walter says

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  8. 20RKL says

    guilt free my ass! the first one with the sweet potato is over 1000 cals! 900 of which is the OIL!!

  9. Anwesha Roy says

    Eating time 2-3 minutes, making time 30 mins!! For snacks??? Ahhhh no way, never..

  10. Ark Vyas says

    Video ends

    Tasty: I MaDe a gIaNt dOrItO BuRiTo

  11. Abhishek Sharma Recipes says

    So tasty!!

  12. Useful Info Videos says

    Do you know how many calories that this recipe will consume?

  13. The_ Aalien says

    Tasty deep-fries a piece of spinach
    Also tasty: hEaLtHy

  14. Sheima H says

    Has anyone tried the last recipe?

  15. Daymond Tips says

    This Is So Nice You Must Work really Hard ! Let's Be Friends

  16. Julio Rosales Vargas says

    Man, take off the cheese and its fine

  17. kryx says

    thats a lotta olive oil oop- my ed could never but thanks anyway

  18. faaiz vilachery village boy says

    like and share

  19. Edmonster_2 says

    I would suggest using less oil than they put, as oil is VERY high in calories and it’s not necessary to use the whole amount they put.

  20. Pooja Thakur Indian youtuber says

    Hi nice pl waps

  21. Tasty_Healthy_ Eats says

    These look so good thanks for posting this 😁 gonna have to try it

  22. One Global Foodie says

    4 Tablespoon oil in the sweet potatoes chips means 500 calories just from the oil. It was really one serving. I rather eat a good meal if I’m eating 600 calories. 480 calories from oil + 115 calories from the potato itself.

  23. Exe.Only. Com says

    Potato : What Am I For Then??
    Sweet Potato : Heheh boii
    Tasty : ………….M speechless

  24. Chris Playford says

    For everyone who assumes that guilt free means low calorie… You are mistaken

  25. Talea Briggs says

    Anyone else miss this tasty.

  26. Ella Bartman says

    I tried broiled cheese on top of sweet potatoes and IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER

  27. Rishabh Sood says

    Them saying optional is funny bc this entire video is optional

  28. Jess Berch says

    Bold of them to assume I can eat anything without immense guilt

  29. Marwane Amzil says

    putting parmesan in healtht snacks …

  30. Bipasha Roy says

    Wow I have never seen it Sir.👍🏻😲

  31. S S says

    Also 20000 calories of cheese and almond biscuits

  32. Pacifica Jubb says

    How effective is Custokebon Secrets? I've noticed many awesome things about this popular weight loss methods.

  33. h. leclair says

    y’all think just because it’s olive oil it’s healthy. olive oil is still oil, and your body will store it as fat nonetheless. putting 4 tbsp of oil in something is not healthy even if it is olive oil. if you want a healthy snack just eat an apple don’t fry all the healthy stuff you have on the pantry lol

  34. Kawaii me!!! says

    It's not just about calories but about health too

  35. Moon vlogs says

    When you have already watched all of yotube and you have nothing else to watch but you are just gonna eat doritos anyways

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